Services / Gas Heater Repairs & Service

Heating & Cooling Services specialise in the service and repair of all makes/model of Gas Heaters including but not limited to:
  • Osburn
  • Regency
  • Rinnai
  • Masport
  • Jetmaster
  • Heat n Glo
  • Real Flame
  • Bay Vista
  • Everdure
  • Nectre Fireplaces
  • Archer Aurora Gas Heaters
Gas Heaters need to be professionally installed and looked after. An unsafe heater can cause a house fire or pollute your home with dangerous fumes and can cause serious problems. Health issues that seem to be worse, or that only occur when the heating is on, may be caused by carbon monoxide from a faulty gas heater.
Your heater needs to be checked if:
  • There is a yellow or sooty flame (unless it is a decorative gas fire)
  • The pilot light goes out unexpectedly, or "pops" or "bangs" when lighting
  • There are signs of heat damage such as discoloration of the walls or heater panels
  • The walls become too hot to touch while the heater is on
  • There are soot stains around the heater
If you service your heater annually and use it correctly, it was be safe and economical to use.
Contact us if you would like to go on our database and receive our annual pre-Winter service special offer.

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