Services / Evaporative Aircon Repairs, Service and Replacement

Heating & Cooling Services can replace existing Evaporative Air Conditioners.  We also specialise in the service and repair of all makes/model of Evaporative Air Conditioners including but not limited to:
  • Brivis/Kaden
  • Coolbreeze
  • Breezair
  • Bonaire
  • Coolair
  • Carrier
  • Braemar
  • Jarrahdale
Evaporative air conditioning is one of the most energy-efficient methods of cooling a home. Correct maintenance will make your air conditioner last longer and work more efficiently. Annual servicing and maintenance will prevent the build-up of sediment and minerals, fungus and algae on the pads and inside the unit and ensure good hygiene. It will also assist to prevent windblown dust and pollen from dirtying the water, which can form sludge and block the pads, pump and water distribution system. Fungi and bacteria may grow if water is allowed to stagnate in the basin.
Contact us if you would like to go on our database and receive our annual pre-Summer service special offer.

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